20 - 21 February, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

We had the great pleasure to attend the 5th Annual MedTech Commercial Leaders Forum Europe in Zurich. Presentations from senior MedTech leaders and industry experts stimulated great discussion among attendees. As the transformation for MedTech organisations from product vendors to solutions providers continues, senior leaders shared their experiences of their evolving journey covering a range of topics from innovative business models, new sources of value and solutions frameworks. Despite the great success stories and progress reported, MedTech leaders must continuously address several key business questions:

  • Which combination of clinical and non-clinical needs and value pools can or should our Solutions address? What customer segments?
  • What is our level of “readiness” to capture emerging opportunities in our core solutions space? And expand beyond? Can our capabilities support the business model?
  • How can we co-create with our Customers and stakeholders? How can we strengthen our value proposition and address value gaps?

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