19 - 21 June 2017 - Chicago, IL

Our Pope Woodhead team recently attended the DIA Annual Meeting in Chicago, 19 - 21 June 2017. As usual, this was a busy and interesting conference that covered a wide range of topics compressed into a few days. We enjoyed catching up with some old friends and meeting new contacts, including at a drinks reception hosted on the Pope Woodhead stand. We had the opportunity to showcase our range of services and also attended many of the sessions.

Dr Simon Ingate, Principal Consultant, chaired and presented in a session “Integrated Life Cycle Approaches to Benefit-Risk: Assessment, Communication, and Evaluation”, which also included speakers from BMS and INFARMED. Simon spoke on the topic “Digital Strategies for Communicating Benefit-Risk and Gathering Effectiveness and other Data Used to Optimise the Benefit-Risk Ratio”. A version of his presentation is available here.

Dr Steve Mayall, Principal Consultant, also presented on the topic “Implementing Benefit-Risk Management More Effectively” in another session “New Considerations in Benefit-Risk Management”, which included panellists from FDA, Amgen and Merck. A version of his presentation is available here.

Following this successful conference in Chicago, we hope to see you at the DIA Annual Meeting in Boston next year!