New paper from Pope Woodhead evaluates the potential of digital to drive real patient-centered models

Advanced digital tools promise a smarter, more patient-centric healthcare model in which patients’ data informs developments and outcomes. But can this promise become reality? The signs are encouraging: pharmaceutical companies may have traditionally been behind the curve when it came to adopting digital technologies, but they are increasingly embracing digital platforms.

And evidence suggests that patients are willing to self-generate data through smart devices where this translates into beneficial outcomes and enhanced therapies. That said, challenges are many, not least the need to meet payers’ need for guarantees, allay data privacy concerns, and encourage greater use of RWE. This paper draws on case study evidence to assess whether the industry can overcome such challenges and realise the potential benefits of a digitized model . . . to assess, in other words, whether the industry can really move from behind the curve to beyond the pill.

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