Pope Woodhead’s review of market access projects this year highlights two main themes and a host of insights.

Reviewing our projects in 2017, two key market access themes stand out: (a) the challenge of moving from price to value and (b) disrupting the treatment paradigm. And working with clients to overcome challenges in these areas has teased out new lessons and reinforced others. On price to value, for instance, many companies face challenges or need to revisit plans years after launch.

A proactive market reassessment and realignment of business objectives mid-stream is never easy, but it is often critical to a successful future. Likewise, navigating an evolving and sometimes divergent treatment landscape severely tests companies’ ability to maintain an optimum balance between clinical and commercial aspects. Without this balance, views are skewed and the ability to generate compelling payer-centric value propositions is undermined. If our experience of working with clients in 2017 tells us anything, it’s that identifying critical market access challenges early and investing in future-proof solutions is always preferable to doing an impression of an ostrich. As for the six key lessons, well you’re just a mouse click away . . .

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