A strategy based on real collaboration is key to achieving long-term success for pharma – here’s the how and why

Sometimes the simplest-sounding things are the most difficult to achieve. After all, most of us collaborate with colleagues on a daily basis. Yet real, structured collaboration that drives long-lasting benefits is more elusive. Our latest paper explores this theme via a case study of pioneering cloud computing company, Salesforce.

The initiatives sparked by its CEO, Marc Benioff, grew out of the realisation that valuable knowledge about the business and its customers was not solely held by senior management, but by many different people across the organisation. The challenge was to tap into this in a structured way that engaged everyone and delivered positive, continuous change. And pharmaceutical companies must navigate similar cultural and operational paths if they are to evolve truly flexible business models that marry operational excellence with technical fluidity. Redefining business strategies around inclusivity and collaboration is not easy, but as this paper outlines, it offers pharmaceutical organisations a roadmap for long-term success.

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