10th May 2018 | Pope Woodhead

This webinar outlines how providing secure and validated systems can help pharmaceutical companies mitigate risk and enhance visibility across their business critical functions.

Benefits of such systems include:
• Web based platform founded on state of the art business process and document management functionality
• Compliant, auditable and global ‘one stop’ systems to track a range of vital Safety and Risk Management activities
• Active notification of the ‘right’ information to users based on their needs
• Dynamic dashboards that enable you to see the status of any item with just a couple of clicks

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28 March 2018 | Pope Woodhead, UK

In an environment of constrained budgets, the onus lies on manufacturers to provide evidence about the burden of a disease and the future promise of their therapy. Tools such as predictive models can help bridge the existing data and future outcomes which can have many benefits, such as improved understanding of the long term impact of a disease and enhanced knowledge of key morbidities and their impact on mortality

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3 November 2017 | Pope Woodhead, UK

Moving from Promise to Reality

In this webinar we illustrated the trends and challenges within pharma and the importance/potential they will bring to reality within industry. Moving from volume to value is a mantra now frequently heard in the US. The move to outcomes or performance based health delivery measures for ACOs and IDNs has helped pave the way for a new wave of performance based contracts between pharma and payers in the US.

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30 November 2017 | Pope Woodhead, UK

Structured benefit-risk assessment became a high priority with adoption of ICH M4E(R2), which provided a new format for benefit-risk conclusions within regulatory submissions. The guideline has been widely implemented this year, including by EMA in January and FDA in July.

This webinar led by Dr Steve Mayall, a Principal Consultant and expert in the benefit-risk area, provided an update on key aspects of benefit-risk assessment in today’s environment, highlighting practical experiences and challenges.

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13 July 2017 - Pope Woodhead, UK

Over the last few years there has been a significant investment in to a pipeline of cell and gene therapy products across oncology as well as in rare diseases and diseases with high unmet needs. While the pipeline of products offer the promise of transforming treatment and outcomes for patients, there are certain environmental and product related barriers to access and/or utilisation.

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11 May 2017 - Pope Woodhead, UK

As digital market access negotiation gets sophisticated, it is pushing the evolution of global and local Market Access roles. Whether ready or not, Digital has landed in Pharma, and if other industries are anything to go by, it’s here to stay and the rate of progress will be rapid.

In terms of customer engagement, particularly local access negotiations, digital provides significant new opportunities to connect global to national and local activities for companies willing to reassess their outputs and how they work organisationally.  However, as with any change, fear of failure may be causing paralysis.

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04 May 2017 - Pope Woodhead, UK

The pharmaceutical industry should improve how they interact with HCPs and Patients, and digital technology can play a significant role in this process. The use of digital does however introduce a number of issues and challenges that need to be tackled including; accessibility, connectivity, technology, legal (e.g. data protection) and medicines regulations.

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27 April 2017 - Pope Woodhead, UK

Digital technologies have the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry, driving patient centric solutions, more efficient business models and new commercial opportunities. And yet the adoption of digital by the pharma lags way behind other global industries. Pharma companies need to evolve a coherent digital strategy sooner rather than later or get left behind.

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28 February 2017 - Pope Woodhead, UK

While globalisation creates huge opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry, it also raises a number of challenges. Pharmaceutical companies increasingly need to share information and insights rapidly and efficiently with parties across the globe so that they can react appropriately to both global and local needs. Fostering a collaborative mindset is one approach that can help to address these needs.

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