28 March 2018 | Pope Woodhead, UK

In an environment of constrained budgets, the onus lies on manufacturers to provide evidence about the burden of a disease and the future promise of their therapy. Tools such as predictive models can help bridge the existing data and future outcomes which can have many benefits, such as:

  • Improved understanding of the long term impact of a disease
  • Enhanced knowledge of key morbidities and their impact on mortality
  • Improved communication with payers regarding the potential value of a drug
  • Alignment of different stakeholders on key value drivers and overall value story of a drug
  • Identification of evidence gaps that future evidence generation efforts should focus on

This webinar was led by Dr Akshay Kumar (Principal Consultant) and Harsh Baid (Consultant). It covered key aspects of predictive modelling and how it can help improve the understanding of a disease and/or value proposition of a drug with both regulators and payers.