10th May 2018 | Pope Woodhead

This webinar outlines how providing secure and validated systems can help pharmaceutical companies mitigate risk and enhance visibility across their business critical functions.

Benefits of such systems include:
• Web based platform founded on state of the art business process and document management functionality
• Compliant, auditable and global ‘one stop’ systems to track a range of vital Safety and Risk Management activities
• Active notification of the ‘right’ information to users based on their needs
• Dynamic dashboards that enable you to see the status of any item with just a couple of clicks

This webinar led by Dr Mark Perrott (Head of Development Consulting) and Dr Piers Rycroft (Consultant) outlined how a fully integrated suite of tracking software can help streamline business processes across Safety, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory functions, and enable better compliance and increased global oversight.